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The world has changed dramatically since 2020.

Four women embark on their individual journey for truth. Tired and frustrated with the propaganda and perpetual brain washing from mainstream media.

Limited to using technology as the main mode of communication. A unique set of circumstances brings them together. The Universe conspired to set in motion a meeting of the minds via virtual reality.

Determined to relieve the cognitive constipation the newly formed sisterhood came together to offer a meaningful solution. This exciting transition has been guided by Source Energy to lead us into a new world.


If you are a woman seeing the world through different lenses than your friends, family and work peers. Are your questions being heard and being taken seriously?

If not, do you feel intimated, manipulated or coerced and afraid to speak your truth?

  • Are you fed up with paying endless taxes, fines and licenses?
  • Are you becoming aware of the greater deception of our society, deep rooted in history?
  • Are you looking for knowledge and solutions but not sure where to start?


‘Discovering You’ is an education and empowerment programme to raise your awareness and confidence so you can stand in your own authority.

We are supporting women searching for truth and progressive solutions to what the current reality (the system) is presenting.

The ‘Vibrate Higher’ team will help you to comprehend the social constructs, structures and the perception of systems that form our current society. You will be supported to recognise the infinite possibilities of how to honour your freedom of choice and expression.

You will gain clarity on progressive ideas and solutions. You will be presented with new ways to achieve harmony and balance. In 'Discovering You' uncover new ways to create your own world.

Download the complimentary Law, Commercial Liens and Useful Links Resource Guide

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About Us

Vibrate Higher is a team of self-development, wellness and empowerment professionals on a mission to support humanity to reach its full potential.

Deniz Mustard

Emotional Fitness Coach

Co Founder

Deniz takes people from their emotional pain and suffering into their power. Power is an energetic shift to be able to feel the strength from within and then take action. We always have a choice and free will but our emotions restricts us.

We are sovereign beings but we are born into a society that teaches all these rules and restrictions. I have never been a fan of bureaucracy, I have always resisted it. It has never been fair or inclusive.

Fast forward 2020, our basic human rights, choices and freedoms were being taken away. Where we are heading now will be setting off alarm bells off in others in some way shape or form. 'Discovering You' programme is about giving women a choice whether or not they want to participate in the nonsense.


Lifestyle Coach for Mums

Co Founder

:Vanessa-Mary: uses an extensive background to design and create unique group coaching events to encourage women to help themselves. These events assist women to feel more confident and re-programme your mind to help you achieve results in your life.

After observing the global chaos sparked by events in 2020, :Vanessa: became motivated to initiate long lasting change. In doing so, she actively became involved in contributing to the progressive community. In September 2020, :Vanessa: supported the establishment of the Empowering Business Solutions (EBS) Telegram group.

Working with the guidance of Source Energy :Vanessa: followed her intuition and started to embark on a co-creative journey to envision and develop the 'Discovering You' series.

The co-creation has resulted in the collation of vital information and has led her to connect with an incredible inner circle. Working together the 'Vibrate Higher' team has designed and manifested a very powerful transformational programme.

Enslavement & Entrapment

Workshop Speakers

Leave the chaos and confusion and engage with experienced coaches who will help you create your own world!

master tahra

The Freedom Festival

: Katrina-Jean.

Empowering Small Businesses


Vibrate Higher

We'll be announcing official Vibrate Higher speakers and other workshops in the 'Discovering You' series via our email updates.

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Our online workshop Enslavement and Entrapment is part two in our ‘Discovering You’ series. This interactive online workshop will be informative and uplifting to help you to focus on solutions.

The second part of your ‘Discovery Map’ focuses on the entrapment of the economic system. Join us to help you heal from the trauma of a broken world.

The live session will be held online via zoom. Our experienced team will help to comprehend how historical events have led us to where we are now. In this workshop you will learn how the entrapment happens within 'The System' at birth. You will leave with information on how to assert your rights as a living soul being.

Part two of the workshop will help you to learn the basics of the different aspects of the Law and how these came to be. This comprehensive information will help you discover how you can take self responsibility and stand in your divine sovereignty.

You will also have access to:

  • One to one Clarity Call so you can focus on shifting your mindset
  • Online Q&A Implementation Coaching sessions twice a month
  • Access to a private Telegram group where you can network with other women within the community.

Tuesday, 29 June 2021:

19:15 Music Energy Elevation

19:30 Welcome with Deniz, Vibrate Higher

19:45 From Fear to Freedom! with Tahra, Freedom Festival

20:15 Music break

20:30 Slavery and The System with :Katrina: Empowering Small Business

21:00 The Crown Corporation and Global Control with :Vanessa-Mary: Vibrate Higher

21:15 Questions

21:30 Closing thoughts & Meditation

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Our Guest Speakers

The Vibrate Higher team are delighted to work with knowledgeable guest speakers representing community and business within the progressive movement.

Meet master tahra.

master tahra is a lifecoach and the Founder of thefreedomfestival where she educates people on their rights and the law, and empowers them to apply that knowledge in real life to own their truth, and not just talk about sovereignty but to BE sovereign.

Common law constitutes less than 10% of what she teaches. Over 90% of her USP is based in the metaphysical and spiritual realm, whereby she empowers people to their greatest self by connecting them to their divine inner power in order to create the warriors needed to take on the tyrants. And ultimately to take them through their development into becoming the leaders that we will need v soon to replace the current corrupt leadership.

master tahra also trains others in the role of Empowerment Coaches.

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Meet :Katrina.

:Katrina: has worked in contract and project management for 28 years working in a position enforcing statute as a Principal Designer for the last 2 years. Waking up to the system was a huge truth bomb.

:Katrina: has been a business owner for the last 5 years. After meeting :Vanessa-Mary: online in a common law group they set-up the Empowering Small Business telegram group together with the aim of supporting small businesses and establishing a network of businesses who agree to continue to trade with the unvaxxed.

:Katrina: has followed a plant-based diet for 21 years. In addition to running her business and the ESB Telegram :Katrina: lives with her partner Mark and has four off-spring and four dogs. They all live by the sea in beautiful North Wales.

:Katrina: lives a healthy active life enjoying running, yoga, growing food, hiking. In her spare time she plays the bass guitar and roller-skates on the promenade for fun.

Loved the workshop. Informative, uplifting, emotional. I could feel the positive energy shining through.

Thank you.

— Ness.

Here's the rest of your 'Discovery Map'.

Our 'Discovering You' series is a six part event that will help you answer some questions you may have in the following areas of an ever-changing world.


How to Re-Present Yourself:

This workshop will build on your knowledge and show you how to practically and lawfully exit 'The System' within proven pathways to liberty.



Perceptions of Lack:

This workshop will help you to challenge your belief system and show you practical ways to create more abundance within your life.



Where to go from here?

This workshop will include an expert panel. You will have an opportunity to listen, learn and ask questions from our knowledgeable and experienced guests.



Who are you now?

The final workshop in the series will focus on the evolvement of your soul journey.


You're doing an amazing job.

Love what you're creating.

Looking forward to working together.

– master tahra

Sovereign Savvy System

Get your lifetime access to the 'Discovering You' Series One and you will also receive:

  • You Are Enough eBook written by Suzie Welstead, Emotional Fitness Coach
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  • Invitation to attend 'Divine Cuppa' – Bi-weekly Networking & Implementation Coaching
  • Access to extra learning opportunities via exclusive interviews with panel speaker and workshop contributors
  • Emotional Fitness One Month Trial

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Congratulations for choosing to embark on a journey of self-discovery to real-eyes your true power and purpose, picking up knowledge and practical, progressive solutions along the way.

We are excited to connect with you and look forward to supporting you in taking full responsibility of your projected reality and claiming back your sovereignty and sovereign free will.

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Meet the Team - Our Divine Cuppa


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